LangTest Release Notes



📢 Highlights

LangTest 1.2.0 Release by John Snow Labs 🚀: It adds support for HF dataset augmentations, introduces NER support for HF, and presents end-to-end NER-HF pipelines for seamless operations. The update extends support for MLflow metric tracking and introduces a speed test in the new category of performance tests. Additionally, this version comes with other enhancements, documentation improvements, and bug fixes!

🔥 New Features

  • Adding support for end-to-end NER pipeline.
  • Adding support for MLFlow metric tracking .
  • Adding support for HF dataset augmentations.
  • Adding support for NER for HF datasets.
  • Adding support for Speed Test.
  • Improved Documentation of available datasets.
  • Adding support for tests for datasets.

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