LangTest also has a callback class that can be used in training to evaluate the model after each epoch or at the end of training. This callback class is called LangTestCallback and is imported from langtest.callback.

from langtest.callback import LangTestCallback
my_callback = LangTestCallback(task, config, data)

trainer = Trainer(

LangTestCallback takes the following parameters:

Parameter Description
task Task for which the model is to be evaluated (text-classification or ner)
data The data to be used for evaluation. A dictionary providing flexibility and options for data sources. It should include the following keys:
- data_source (mandatory): The source of the data.
- subset (optional): The subset of the data.
- feature_column (optional): The column containing the features.
- target_column (optional): The column containing the target labels.
- split (optional): The data split to be used.
- source (optional): Set to ‘huggingface’ when loading Hugging Face dataset.
config Configuration for the tests to be performed, specified in the form of a YAML file.
print_reports A bool value that specifies if the reports should be printed.
save_reports A bool value that specifies if the reports should be saved. If True, all generated reports will be saved under reports/
run_each_epoch A bool value that specifies if the tests should be run after each epoch or the at the end of training
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