LangTest Release Notes



📢 Highlights

LangTest 1.1.0 Release by John Snow Labs 🚀: New capabilities to run different types of toxicity tests (lgbtqphobia, ideology, racism, xenophobia, sexism), support for doing templatic augmentations, extending support for HF datasets for summarization, support for BBQ-data, custom-replacement dicts for representation tests, CSV augmentations for text classification, using poetry as a dependency manager and adding new robustness tests (adjective-swapping and strip-all-punctuation) with many other enhancements and bug fixes!

🔥 New Features

  • Adding support for improved toxicity tests.
  • Adding support for templatic augmentations.
  • Adding support for strip_all_punctuation test.
  • Adding support for adjective-swap tests.
  • Adding support for custom replacement dictionaries for representation and bias tests.
  • Adding support for BBQ-data.
  • Adding support for CSV augmentations in text classification task.
  • Adding support for hf datasets for summarization.
  • Adding poetry as a dependency manager.
  • Adding support for listing all available tests.
  • Adding support for enabling user to only install the backend libraries needed.

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Model hub handler.
  • Fixing augmentations for swap-entities.
  • add_contraction bug for QA/Sum.

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