Retrieving Reports


Called after the run() method, the report() method summarizes the results of your tests, providing information about the number of tests that passed and failed for each test category, as well as an overall pass/fail flag.

It provides a convenient way to quickly evaluate the results of your tests and determine whether your model is performing as expected. By using this, you can identify areas where your model needs improvement and make necessary changes to ensure that it meets your requirements.

A sample report looks like this:

category test_type fail_count pass_count pass_rate minimum_pass_rate pass
robustness lowercase 77 14 15% 60% False
robustness uppercase 11 80 88% 60% True

Different Report formats

# Generate Report as Dictionary and Save as Json Report"dict",save_dir="report.json")

# Generate and Save Excel Report"excel", save_dir="report.xlsx")

# Generate and Save HTML Report"html", save_dir="report.html")

# Generate and Save Text Report"text", save_dir="report.txt")

# Generate and Save Markdown Report"markdown", save_dir="")
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