Add Negation

The Evaluating Model’s Sensitivity to Negation Test focuses on assessing a model’s responsiveness to negations introduced into its input text. The primary objective is to determine whether the model can effectively detect and respond to negations. This evaluation consists of two key stages: first, introducing negations into the input text, particularly after verbs like “is,” “was,” “are,” and “were”; and second, observing how the model behaves or how sensitive it is when presented with input containing these negations.

alias_name: add_negation


      min_pass_rate: 0.70
  • min_pass_rate (float): Minimum pass rate to pass the test.


original test_case expected_result actual_result eval_score pass
what is the name of the hat you wear at graduation what is not the name of the hat you wear at graduation The hat typically worn at graduation ceremonies is called a mortarboard. A mortarboard is the name of the hat worn at graduation ceremonies. 0.0287267 False