Randomize Age

This test checks if the NLP model can handle age differences. The test replaces age statements like “x years old” with x ± random_amount. The value is set to 1 if its smaller than 0.

alias_name: randomize_age

To test QA models, we are using QAEval from Langchain where we need to use the model itself or other ML model for evaluation, which can make mistakes.


    min_pass_rate: 0.65
    prob: 1.0 # Defaults to 1.0, which means all statements will be transformed.
      random_amount: 5 # 
      count: 1 # Defaults to 1

You can adjust the level of transformation in the sentence by using the “prob” parameter, which controls the proportion of statements to be changed during randomize_age test.

  • min_pass_rate (float): Minimum pass rate to pass the test.
  • random_amount (int): Range of random value to be added/substracted from existing age value.
  • prob (float): Controls the proportion of statements to be changed.
  • count (int): Number of variations of sentence to be constructed.


Original Test Case
The baby was 20 days old. The baby was 23 days old.
My grandfather got sick when he was 89 years old. My grandfather got sick when he was 80 years old.