Multiple Perturbations

The multiple_perturbations test combines multiple tests into a single test by applying a sequence of perturbations to transform the given sentences. These perturbations are applied in a specific sequence.

Please note that this test is only supported for the text-classification, question-answering, and summarization tasks.

alias_name: multiple_perturbations

Config YAML format :

    min_pass_rate: 0.60
    prob: 0.5 # Defaults to 1.0, which means all words will be transformed.

The perturbation set perturbations1 follows the transformation order: lowercaseadd_ocr_typotitlecase

You can adjust the level of transformation in the sentence by using the “prob” parameter, which controls the proportion of words to be changed during multiple_perturbations test.

  • min_pass_rate (float): Minimum pass rate to pass the test.
  • prob (float): Controls the proportion of words to be changed.


Original Test Case
I live in London, United Kingdom since 2019 . I L1Ve I^N London, United Kingdom Slnce 2019 .
I can’t move to the USA because they have an average of 1000 tornadoes a year, and I’m terrified of them. I Can’T Movc T^O T^Ie Usa Hccause Thev Liave An Average Of 1000 Tornadoes A Ycar, A^Nd I’M Terrified Of Th^M.</span>