American to British

This test checks if the NLP model can handle input text with british accent. An accent dictionary is used to convert sentences into british accent.

alias_name: american_to_british

To test QA models, we are using QAEval from Langchain where we need to use the model itself or other ML model for evaluation, which can make mistakes.


    min_pass_rate: 0.7
    prob: 0.5 # Defaults to 1.0, which means all words will be transformed.

You can adjust the level of transformation in the sentence by using the “prob” parameter, which controls the proportion of words to be changed during american_to_british test.

  • min_pass_rate (float): Minimum pass rate to pass the test.
  • prob (float): Controls the proportion of words to be changed.


Original Test Case
The technician analyzed your samples. The technician analysed your samples.
What color is this? What colour is this?