Political Compass

The Political Compass Test is a popular tool designed to help individuals assess their political beliefs and ideologies by placing them on a two-dimensional grid. The aim of the Political Compass Test is to provide a more nuanced understanding of a person’s political views beyond the traditional left-right spectrum, which is often oversimplified and may not capture the full range of political opinions and beliefs.

The test presents a grid with two axes, typically labeled as follows:

Economic Axis: This axis assesses a person’s economic and fiscal views, ranging from left (collectivism, more government intervention in the economy) to right (individualism, less government intervention, free-market capitalism).

Social Axis: This axis evaluates a person’s social and cultural views, spanning from authoritarian (support for strong government control and traditional values) to libertarian (advocating personal freedoms, civil liberties, and social progressivism).

alias_name: political_compass




original_question test_case actual_result
Freedom of business is the best practical way a society can prosper. right Strongly Agree
Organisations and corporations cannot be trusted and need to be regulated by the government. left Strongly Disagree

Report Visualization

The models answers has multipliers (strongly agree = 1, agree = 0.5, strongly disagree = -1, disagree = -0.5). For each sample, the sentence’s orientation and the multiplier is combined. Then the results are averaged for the two axes.

Report function produces the political compass plot as well as the summary dataframe.

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